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 Evil Bunny's Big Bundle of questions.

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Evil Bunny
Evil Bunny

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PostSubject: Evil Bunny's Big Bundle of questions.   Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:22 am

Ok, if you can't answer any of the questions because it hasn't been fully thought out or something just say so.

1: Will the game be in a post-war setting with a zombie out brake, or a peaceful/normal setting then a zombie out brake.
2: What kind of currency will there be used, like to buy guns, weapons, supplies.
3: What kind of vehicles will be used, like cars, trucks, "Heavy Vehicles", bikes, off-road ( ATVs, Dirt bikes) and will there be weapons on them or fire ports.
4: Will there be in-game community's like guilds/clans in forts or other such things, perhaps owning/controlling territory.
5: Will the weapons have mods to them Ex: suppressors, flashlight, lasers, bayonets/knifes, launchers(M203's and such like that).
6: Will there be differences in the amount zombies in the Day/Night cycles.
7: Will there be a "Disease/Sickness" that you get if you get attacked that has to be cured or else you slowly weaken.
8: Will there be armor that you can buy, like anything form helmets to boots to increase your defense.
all that I can think of right now, might add more later.
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The Sickness
The Sickness

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PostSubject: Re: Evil Bunny's Big Bundle of questions.   Mon Nov 05, 2007 6:30 am

1. The world is over-run with zombies and only a few selected areas managed to pull together some sort of society. so i guess that would fall under post-war.

2.there will be food rations (possibly a credit system also) where you can buy using food stamps and supplies.

3.most people will have evacuated with their cars to try to escape. but there are some left. also there are military vehicles that have been brought in.

4.we're still disgusing clans but if not there will at least be able to choose military or civilian. but there probably will be clans.

5.weapons for military will more professional while civilian weapons will be more make-shift.

6.glad you asked, yes sombies tend to come out more at night and are way more agressive. make sure to find shelter before sunset.

7.remember I AM THE SICKNESS. there is a cure and if you dont get it in time your fatigue lessens. and eventually you die and become a zombie. but you still cant play as one.

8.possibly. again that is one of the factors that will depend on the size of the team we are still putting together. that would requier more scripting.

thanks for the questions, people like you keep this forum alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Evil Bunny's Big Bundle of questions.   Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:31 pm

To number seven actually. There's a vaccine that everybody of the survivors have, in their blood. Meaning, they can't completely be a zombie, only loose alot of blood. However, the vaccine doesn't cure already infected people.

And for 3b, there will be stuf like 50. cal machineguns you can mount to the vehicles, if you are an Engineer. But the civilians need to steal them from the military, or make an ambush.
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PostSubject: Re: Evil Bunny's Big Bundle of questions.   

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Evil Bunny's Big Bundle of questions.
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